4, 261 Street, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt
Saturday - Thursday 08:00-18:00
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About Us

Hulk is subsidiary of El-Shahawi group, Hulk was established with a one million Egyptian pounds in capital, it's commercial record is 99934 and its tax number is 535-795- 025.

Our Goals

Hulk aims to offer the best service to it’s customers and guarantee comfort and security to them by the hands of a well-trained and experienced staff, We believe that seriousness, competence and following up with all the developments in the facility management sector is the only way to maintain our success, and we won't accept anything but the professional practice

We Proud

  • To offer the highest quality service with honesty and good morals.
  • To be trust worthy and offer you a high quality service to maintain your success and reputation.
  • To use high-tech machines, equipment and materials in all the services we offer and offer all.

Employees Qualifications

  • Characterized by good manners and appearance.
  • Uniformly and appropriately dressed.
  • Their official and criminal papers are checked.
  • Employees health files are presented.

The Company's Obligations

  • Providing the agreed numbers according to the contract.
  • Providing special and appropriate uniform.
  • Change any individual within 72 hours after knowing the reasons of objection.
  • Achieve the highest degree of cleanness using the latest techniques and equipment.

Our Services

Cleaning service

The first thing that any visitor (client-guest) notice is the cleanliness of the place, based on that we can say that the cleanliness of the place reflects the quality and the evolution of it and gives psychological comfort to the people in it, it also prevents the spread of disease and keep all the insects and germs away, so Hulk cares to offer high quality cleaning services that satisfies all the customers.

Cultivating and beautifying ( landscapes)

Hulk Company is a privileged partner in creating a positive mental image of your organization through management and beautification and maintenance of parks and green areas.

Pest and rodent control

Hulk combats and gets rid of all kinds of pests and rodents such as (flies, mosquitoes, bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, lepers, rodents and mice) by using modern technologies in a way to ensure that's forever combated and ensure our client's comfort and provide them with clean and healthy environment.


Maintenance is indispensable in any place (whether at home or office…etc.) Therefore Hulk provides a comprehensive maintenance (whether permanent maintenance in one specific place or mobile maintenance) in all kind of fields.

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