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Pest and rodent control

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Hulk combats and gets rid of all kinds of pests and rodents such as (flies, Mosquitoes, bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, lepers, rodents and mice) by using modern technologies in a way to ensure that's forever combated and ensure our client's comfort and provide them with clean and healthy environment . use the finest chemicals and pesticides authorized by the Ministry of PESTS AND RODENTS CONTROL 12 health which are completely safe on the whole family, children and the elderly we provide crews with full experience, high efficiency and under distinct Supervision .


  1. Chemical Combat

    By spraying and fumigation using the finest types of pesticides and chemicals authorized by the Ministry of Health and using the latest sprayers and control

  2. Biological Combat

    By filling the holes of the walls and floors in addition to the usage of sticky and toxic traps, and take into account the accuracy and excellence while doing the job.

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