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There is no doubt that reliance on security nowadays became essential in our daily lives, that's why Hulk is very keen to provide the greatest and sufficient amount of security and safety services
  • Hulk selects its employees from elite police officers, armed forces and trained civilian personnel with past experience in security and guardianship.
  • Hulk's employees are selected precisely according to the agreed international specifications after passing several number of tests to ensure their competence and ability to deal in all circumstances.
  • Hulk depends on the best planning and security methods in addition to the use of technology with the latest devices, systems and security monitoring to reach the highest level of efficiency.

Security and Guard Services

Hulk provides full insurance of establishments and properties by: -

  1. Selection of high-efficiency security personnel after passing various training programs and tests that ensure the client's access to the highest level of safety and security.
  2. Protection of facilities from robbery that could happen on equipment, tools, documents and properties.
  3. Preventing any factor that could disrupt the establishment of its role and services or disabling its inhabitants to practice their daily lives from such acts (sit-ins, rallies, strikes, protests and acts of bullying).
  4. Entry and exit control: - It means not to allow entry to anyone but the authorized people only, and to ascertain their personalities in addition to determining the reason for visiting and all these precautions in order to control the entry and exit process of people and vehicles.

    Access and exit controls

    1. Provide a mean to examine the authorized persons during the entry and exit process.
    2. Observe the process of entry and exit from and to the establishment with their movements.
    3. Tighten the curfew in the establishment and not to permit reaching specific places.

    Rules of entry and exit:

    • Workers' entry insurance:

      1. The persons allowed to enter the establishment from workers or residents are identified by pictures and descriptions especially at the beginning of work.
      2. Use a password or code (upon request)
    • Visitors’ entry insurance: (Register System)

      1. The visitor's name, job and residence.
      2. Time of both entry and exit.
      3. The name of the person or place the visitor intending to visit in addition to the purpose of the visit.
    • Vehicles entry insurance:

      1. inspection of cars allowed through the entrance and exit process by the body guards and security dogs.
      2. Screen the movements of cars inside the establishment by cameras and internal security systems.
  5. Hulk collects information about the establishment before securing it such as:
    1. Nature of the establishment and level of importance.
    2. Maps and engineering drawings of the establishment in addition to knowing its security points.
    3. Locating the exact security plan location and determine its surrounding places, whether military or ordinary.
    4. Political and economic reports about the situation of the district.
    5. Emergency plans to cope with any natural catastrophe that could threaten the establishment.
    6. Collect information about the security authorities around in addition to firefight centers.
    7. List of employees’ names, workers or residents in the establishment.
    8. A statement of the establishment work flow and the type of transportation surrounding it.

Special events’ insurance

Hulk secures special events such as (conferences, concerts, games, exhibitions, etc.) from the risks that may face such as:

  • Acts of terrorism.
  • Breaking through the event.
  • Siege and terrorize whom inside.
  • Demonstrations, sit-ins and quarrels.
  • Fire hazards.
  • Bombing hazards.

Hulk develops specific security plans to secure events through collecting required information such as:

Event’s System

  1. Objective of the event
  2. The political background of the event (if found)
  3. Event’s time and venue program
  4. Identify the organization and administration team of the event.
  5. Time of arrival of the participating members.
  6. Previous events of the occasion and its places in addition to circumstances that happened through it before.

Event’s Venue

  1. Type of establishment or the place and its nature.
  2. Location of the place and the main and alternative roads that leads to it.
  3. Nearest services centers (ambulance - fire extinguishing – police)
  4. Entries, exits and fences.
  5. The internal segmentations of the place.
  6. Sources of danger inside the place.
  7. The entrances of the workers and their work places.
  8. Place of dining halls (if found).
  9. Place of journalists and media personnel.
  10. Emergency exits.

Hulk provides modern and technological equipment such as:

  1. Internal and external communication equipment.
  2. Bomb detector devices.
  3. Weapon detector devices.
  4. Riot resistance devices.
  5. Means of forces transportation.
  6. Automotive guard-equipped cars.

Specifications of the security staff:

  1. The crew consists of former police and army officers in addition to trained security personnel.
  2. The crew has former safety and security experience in insurance and protection of important occasions and events.
  3. The crew are characterized by good organization, sense of security and ability of endurance.
  4. Hulk provides trained dogs of (K9) type

Industrial Safety

Industrial Safety: is maintaining the security and safety of the labor force by providing safe working environments and free from any injuries and accidents in addition to occupational diseases, also to protect the property from any damage or loss. It became essential and necessity to pay attention to the industrial security within private institutions and factories that’s why Hulk provides industrial security guards that insures safety to the property:

  • Periodic and continuous supervision to ensure the safety of the means of production of equipment and make sure programs of periodic maintenance are implemented in addition to following the methods of the industrial security procedures, such as:
    1. Disposal of damaged materials and equipment.
    2. Place warning and directory signs.
    3. Clean and organise unused equipment in the work place.
  • Ensure the safety of the work environment and ensure the health conditions from ventilation and lighting of workers to the preparation of protection supplies such as (helmet, glasses, glove ... etc.) according to the requirements of the duty.
  • Training and qualifying individuals to perform business without any accidents.
  • Carrying out special studies and researches to know the causes of accidents in order to reach suitable alternatives to prevent recurrence of them.

Hulk provides preventive measures that seek protection and safety of industrial facilities and all its employees in addition to the continuation of its production, through good developed plans in the industrial security, firefighting at various sites, supervise the implementation, plan security and evacuate programs and finally provide security trainers on all business.

Women Security

Hulk knows the importance of women's security guards, especially the situations that need them to be there in addition to the places that lack of security because it is dedicated to women only.

Hulk provides female security personnel trained on all safety and security frame works in addition to fire fighting and evacuation. They are also trained to detect any error or misconduct that may occur during the service. They have the total ability to contribute to calm and prevent quarrels that may occur among women in the same place.

Tourism Security

Since tourism security is the cornerstone of the business as it works to enrich the tourist sector and attract tourists from all over the world, Hulk provides tourism security for all tourists and visitors through:

  • Elite of officers and individuals who are competent in the efficiency, vigilance and safety of the mission to be completed in addition to the ability to react in any circumstances and face any danger through:
    • Secure the tourist groups during their tour from the moment of their entry and till their departure.
    • Protect touristic and archaeological sites accompanied with providing security for tourist groups during their tour within the sites and protect them from any kind of harassments.
    • Secure the tourists’ buses, maintain their properties during their tour.
    • Receive complaints from the tourists about the archaeological sites and during their stay in hotels, restrooms and tourist camps and deliver them to Ministry of Tourism.
    • Secure internal tourism, also other trips such as safaris and camps.
  • Hulk secures tours, touristic groups, camping and safari services by providing a group of individuals who are competent, attentive and trusted to handle the mission and maintain the safety and security for all those who are present and able to face any circumstances.

Security dogs

Security dogs are one of the most important elements that should be present in securing establishments, facilities and properties, therefore Hulk provide security dogs that are well trained in the ability to detect bombs, other risks that could threaten the security and safety of the establishment and those who are involved. Hulk uses the best and smartest dogs; most prominent K9.

Special guards for VIPs

Securing and protecting VIPs such as ( VIP clients, foreign visitors and their families) is one of the most important services that Hulk provide for the sake of achieving political; and social stability through:

  • Preventing the abuse of the VIP required to be secured.
  • Secure the VIP from any natural catastrophe.
  • Secure his property and belongings.
  • Provide personal freedom as much as possible.
  • Prevent any irritations or harassments that the VIP could face.

VIPs Security policy

  1. Secure the place of residence: through (securing the entrance, inside residence, securing the communication equipment of the public figures)
  2. Secure the road track: (choose road track carefully, study and secure it from all risks and obstacles)
  3. Insurance of food and drink safety: by ensuring the quality and validity and that they are toxin and danger free.
  4. Personal baggage insurance: by making sure that they are free from any kind of explosives or other dangers.

Body Guards Specifications

  1. Former army and police officers or well-trained guards.
  2. Well experienced in this field.
  3. Have the sense of security to identify any upcoming risks and can deal under any circumstances.
  4. They have high physical fitness that allows them to face anything and move fast during their work.

Hulk provides highly trained body guard driver.

Hulk provides VIPs special guard services (VIP clients, foreign visitors and their families) through former army and police officers or well-trained individuals with high physical specifications and high degree of training and talented to act in all surrounding conditions.

Hulk offers the employment of a special driver who’s highly trained personal guard at the same time.

Hulk provides highly trained body guard driver.

Cameras and security devices

Hulk Company provides the latest cameras and security devices that help carry out the mission entrusted with precision and tightness while on the other hand reducing the effort on the human element to ensure the continued performance and service provided to the fullest.

Hulk Company designs, executes and maintains all integrated electronic systems based on a team of professional engineers and consultants specialized in this field.

Hulk Company provides 24 hours monitoring services from any place in the world through the internet in addition to the possibility of recording events for months and retrieve them any time you need.

Tracking services (vehicles/individuals)

From now and on you don't need to worry about your vehicles, your family or where your employees are located anymore as Hulk provides tracking services that track both vehicles and individuals that follow their places and retreat it in a moment.

Vehicles Tracking Services

  1. Hulk's tracking services can follow and locate vehicles and its paths accurately in addition to showing the address, date and speed through the internet or mobile device.
  2. The possibility of stopping the engine, disconnect gasoline or stop the circuit from any place in the world and cannot be restarted unless by another message from you.
  3. Determining the track of the vehicles and get warning in case it was departed from it.
  4. An alert message shall be sent in case of exceeding the specified speed in advance.
  5. You'll be provided with an emergency device close to you to use it in case of an attack, attempted theft or any emergency, it automatically sends a message to numbers you adjust in advance.
  6. Possibility to hear what goes around inside the car through a mic that works without anyone's knowledge.
  7. All services can operate from any place in the world due to device connection to the satellite.

Individuals Tracking Services

  1. Individual tracking is carried out via satellites and through detailed and google maps.
  2. The tracking device is equipped with an emergency button in addition to the possibility of communicating with the carrier, listen to what's happening around him and know his path.

Follow up room: Hulk provides follow up rooms within the company to monitor alerts in case of any emergency (kidnapping/theft) or tracking the path of vehicles or individuals (as per customer request) in addition to distinguish between the correct or in correct warnings.

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