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The first eye contact for your (client-guest) is the premises cleanliness of the place, based on that we can say that the cleanliness of the place reflects the quality and the evolution of it and gives psychological comfort to the people in it, it also prevents the spread of diseases and keep all the insects and germs away.

So Hulk cares to offer high quality cleaning a services that satisfy all the customers' needs by:-

  • Choosing a well-trained and experienced staff to fit all the customers' needs.
  • Providing high-tech equipment to get the highest quality in less time.
  • Applying quality standards with high efficiency.

The first thing that any visitor (client-guest) notice is the cleanliness of the place, based on that we can say that the cleanliness of the place reflects the quality and the evolution of it and gives psychological comfort to the people in it, it also prevents the spread of disease and keep all the insects and germs away, so Hulk cares to offer high quality cleaning services that satisfies all the customers.


  1. Overall periodic cleaning (daily – weekly – monthly ).



    The daily hygiene program: -

    • Exterior entrance cleaning.
    • Cleaning and following-up offices throughout the day.
    • Cleaning and following-up floors.
    • Cleaning and following-up the toilets throughout the working hours.
    • Cleaning and following-up internal stairs throughout the working hours.
    • Cleaning and following-up buffet throughout the working hours.
    • Emptying the trashcans throughout the working hours.



    The weekly hygiene program: -

    • Cleaning patches, &, air conditions grills.
    • Cleaning all the doors and windows.
    • Cleaning all the trash cans.
    • Cleaning corners, under desks and chairs polishing.
    • General cleaning for the bathrooms with appropriate means and special materials



    The monthly hygiene program: -

    • Cleaning all the ceilings of corridors and offices including the lights.
    • Cleaning all the walls.
    Hulk is also ready to carry out other cleaning services based on its customers' needs depending on the contract.
  2. Cleaning constituent service (general clean)

    • Hulk provides Cleaning constituent service that means cleaning the place of construction and finishes reimagining's.
    • It starts just after signing the contract until cleaning constituent service is finished and it's carried out through the hands of a well-trained staff using high-tech equipment under the supervision of high quality supervisors.
  3. Cleaning the buildings interfaces (Marble & glass & Alumetal)

    Hulk provides cleaning the building interfaces weather it is (marble or glass or alumetal) at any height using the scaffolds and the spiders.
    • We have a well-trained staff that gained a wide experience in this field.
    • Our staff is well trained to use all the equipment used to clean the interfaces.
    • We use the last and the highest quality machines to clean all types of glass.
    • If there are obstructions at the top of the building we use cranes to clean the interfaces.
    • We use Spiders to clean the interfaces under the rules of safety.
  4. Cleaning and polishing (marble, granite and parquet)

    Hulk uses the latest plain in Cleaning and polishing marble, granite and parquet systems using high-tech equipment superior in leveling floor (removal of elevation differences in the tile) and remove scratches and bring the natural gloss of marble, granite & parquet without the need of using wax, which keeps the process of evaporation of moisture from the marble across the open pores possible and thus mean a longer life for marble.
    The advantages of this system:-
    • Using small and light equipment to clean the marble even in the narrowest places.
    • Cleaning and polishing stairs, edges and corners completely.
    • The minimum use of water during the process to keep the place clean.
  5. Cleaning and Washing (furniture & rugs)

    Hulk keeps the furniture and rugs clean by using the following:-
    • Using the vacuum cleaners (at least 2 motors).
    • Removing patches and bad odors by using special shampoos or by steam.
    • Perfuming furniture and rugs.
    • Disinfect furniture and rugs with suitable disinfectant to kill germs.
  6. Cleaning and isolating tanks

    1- Tank's Cleaning

    Hulk Company owns modern, up to date tools and equipment that do comprehensive cleaning to upper and ground tanks to eliminate harmful bacteria and sediments that are there. Hulk cleans the tanks regularly and continuously as well as sterilizing them with the usage of modern materials. We seek always to provide good services to our clients in addition to affordable prices that satisfies our customers through cleaning their tanks wherever they are whether in schools, buildings, villas, apartments, businesses, mosques, hotels and all kinds of tanks inside your origin.


    • The company's crew reaches the appointed location between the company and the client.
    • The crew starts processing the tools and equipment needed for tank's cleaning service.
    • The crew starts the process by unloading water and discharges it at its allocated places.
    • We work on comprehensive walls and floors cleaning using antiseptic hygiene materials.
    • Tanks are sterilized and cleaned and removed from all odors.
    2- Tank's Isolation

    It is known for tanks isolation service that it is one of the important things that should be applied to preserve the integrity of the house from any water related damage that could lead to the threat of buildings destruction. Hulk offers you the techniques and modern materials of insulation services that are able to prevent any leaks for many years without the help of any other companies. In addition to Hulk Company follows up with the client and do maintenance on regular basis to make sure the work completion is to the fullest.

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